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Every Figure Competitor is unique.

There are so many variables which effect your competitive appearance.  Hormones, training, nutrition and posing form are just a few.

The fact of the matter is, to get you the winning edge for figure competitions and to perform at your best, simply cannot be done through  generic on-line programs.

Figure Competitor and coach Stacy Eiken will specifically design and coach you  through a  program consisting of:

  • Posing
  • Walking
  • Hair
  • Competition suits
  • Overall stage presence and confidence
In addition, you’ll have access to the personalized training at Winner’s Edge, where you can train with other figure competitors and bodybuilders.
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About Stacy

Stacy Eiken is a competitive figure athlete with multiple awards to her credit. She most recently placed in 3rd in the Masters category and 4th in the Tall at the Badger Classic and 5th in the NPC Battle of Champions.