Sports Performance, Brookfield, Waukesha & Lake Country


We drive to the practices and go to the games.   We worry about them.   Some times we coach, assistant coach, play the roll of team mom  or just volunteer at the concession stand and run the chain gang.

We want our sons and daughters to be competitive, have fun and learn the life lessons that sports offer.

However, they also want to play and you want them to play.  The world that our children compete in is different from when we were kids.

They need an Edge.

Our programs for athletes are 90 minutes so we can take the time to teach proper technique and form.  We also  have the opportunity to warm up and cool down correctly.

Not to mention, 90 minutes gives us time for fun, motivation and individual instruction.

After all – they’re still kids.

Give us a call.  We’ll explain our program.  Come on in and see a session.  Want to talk to other Winner’s Edge parents? No problem.

Bring in your athlete and we’ll run them through a free evaluation.

Winner’s Edge will help your son or daughter gain the strength, conditioning and performance they need to meet everyone’s goals.